The Black Truth Of property valuation

Given you yep so property valuation Julian’s handiwork has  loaded up and seat to the site can i Steve this is Julian I’ve got to get  back to base our Lidia’s to it Jesse this is the the mescal .

We’ve been here  for about two years and basically getting upgraded floor-by-floor we’ll have a look around have a look at all  the different systems and in .

  • That but first part though we’re going to get the safety induction down safety always.
  •  comes first and once briefed and kids it out Julian and Steve head all over.
  • The base with this thing so what this is is  a what we call a plant room basically .
  • we need to be able to provide fresh air need about extract odor .

we need to be able to control the temperature  sometimes control humidity this is a seriously man-sized installation and chilled water is used to cool the air this is basically.

The source of chilled  water for a part of this building it’s all the Flex funds um to medical yeah insulation on them these industrial installations are complex and challenging so as a part of your foreign .

  • Stuff you just install all of the like the chillers in the back you’ve basically for the entire system.
  • all the ductwork you see all the pipework you see that’s connected to the mechanicals  systems also.
  • The electrical and controls are generally there digitally in a scope but we subcontract those out to other .
  • other companies as well it’s not all about getting Aaron sometimes it’s  getting here out it’s important.
  • So you know you’ll be burning stuff away with your Bunsen burners in here all.
  • The nasties going up there the gases that have come to here the bottles .

will be contained over in this area here not we  got here is um different