About the Family Medicine Center in Fort Collins.

If you are searching for a physician to take care of the wellness needs of your whole family, the Family Medicine Center in Fort Collins is here. The Family Medicine Center is part of the UCHealth System and offers family care services to the Fort Collins community.In addition to wellness and preventative medicine, obstetrics, pre-natal, and labor and delivery care are available through the Family Medicine Center, as are family planning services. The Center also offers health education services, and even counseling for individuals, couples, and families.

Family care medicine is a practical and useful way to manage the health of your entire family. Family medicine physicians focus on treating the whole individual, unlike specialists that are focused on a specific organ or disease. These practitioners can handle a wide variety of health needs, as well as oversee the primary health care of any member of your family, regardless of age. Their whole-life approach to medicine employs the newest tools and strategies to supply high-quality medical care. Family medicine attracts some of the very best and brightest physicians.

Family care physicians are devoted to your general wellness and the best possible quality of life for you and your nearest and dearest. These primary care physicians make it their objective to help individuals of all ages keep on top of their health. The heart of the Family Medicine Center is preventative care. In other words, your family care provider aims to work with you to foster positive family medicine center Fort Collins health practices, keeping your overall wellness as the foundation of your health strategy, preventing many potential illnesses from ever arising.

When illness or injury does strike, the practitioners of the Family Medical Center can treat a wide range of health issues, from sprains and broken bones to fevers and flu. Your family doctor can provide the care you need for nearly anything, and when they can’t, they refer you to a nearby specialist. The Family Medicine Center offers urgent care services for when they are too busy, or you don’t have time to make an appointment.With many insurance programs, certain services may need a referral. If you need specialty care, your family doctor will connect you with the appropriate specialist. This ensures a consistent level of care because your physician will remain in contact with your other doctors and coordinate all of the services.

The Family Medicine Center also hosts a training site for the Poudre Valley Hospital/Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency program. Seven graduates of the country’s top medical schools join the Center each year to complete their residency. This affords the Family Medicine Center a unique opportunity to offer complete care for low-income women in northern Colorado during and after their pregnancy, through the Poudre Valley Prenatal (PVP) program. Patients receive care from family medicine residents and nurse practitioners who see patients on a rotating basis. As you can see, this area of medicine provides many services necessary for your entire life.